what happens if customs seizes an illegal package

La Petición puede argumentar que realmente no hubo una violación, o que sí hubo, sin embargo, que hay posibles factores a favor de liberación de la carga. How long does customs have to respond or what is a reasonable time frame for customs to make a ruling on the supplemental petition? Here, the … If I sign the the box stating…(“I” abandon the property and forfeit property), does it show guilt or intresting In the package? Contacta a sus expertos a través de: info@diaztradelaw.com para discutir el mérito de su caso. A penalty is likely in your case. They say, we will close the case if I waive my rights on the seized goods but also says, I may be liable for penalty after forfeiture. Recently, our containers were held by US customs because it is brass shell casings. Contact our office for assistance. Please call us today at 305-456-3830 to speak with a live agent and to discuss all of the possibilities tailored to your specific case. is it a fine? Can you tell what US customs does with the goods it confiscates? It is a shame when everything we buy is from China or some other country, but when we buy it is is seized by the US Customs. Free country? Please help thanks. Please give us a call as soon as possible at 305-456-3830 to discuss your matter in further detail! What custom will do to the Abandon cargo? Package intercepts initially declined after legal adult-use sales began in Washington and Colorado. Can you please help and advise. Once the merchandise is seized, the file is forwarded by the U.S. Customs officer to the Fines, Penalties, and Forfeitures Office (FP&F). all i know is. If I don’t sign it, still shows I have no intresting in it and they will dispose the merchandise anyways after 30 days. Nothing ever came of the letter tho. El Aviso de Incautación se envía por correo al presunto infractor. Often times a package disappearing IS your drugs disappearing, but a small amount of marijuana is unlikely to lead to criminal charges being brought against you. La comunicación no es directa entre el oficial de Aduana de primera línea y el abogado de la EPA. UU. Sin embargo, la decisión para liberar o incautar no se realizará hasta aproximadamente 60 días o más después de la detención. Getting frustrated with or repeatedly calling a particular U.S. Customs officer may not be helpful as s/he may also be waiting for an answer from someone else. But ultimately, if they don't let it in, you lose the money you paid for it and it gets destroyed. Especificas pruebas como es el caso de fotografías digitales y documentos deben enviarse a los funcionarios de la EPA en Washington, DC para su revisión y recomendación. The Seizure Notice will identify what and where the cargo was seized, as well as the legal basis for the seizure. thank you. It’s not child like since it had big tatas, and wide hips. Apr 10, 2013 … But was instructed to send money to a bank with routing number and account number. We want to help the consignee prove that the goods are genuine, what can we do? The packages are then destroyed, and there is no further investigation. Hello, Packaged seized by customs? The Petition is the means by which the owner of the cargo may seek to persuade U.S. Customs to release the seized shipment. IPR violations CAN also lead to penalties AFTER the seizure case is over. i have send the passports for immigration purposes to canada and while returning my passports are seized by US customs. Todos los días, en los aeropuertos, puertos marítimos y otros cruces fronterizos, los oficiales de la Aduana y Protección Fronteriza de los Estados Unidos examinan, detienen e incautan mercancías de los viajeros, importadores y exportadores de carga comercial. Usually, after 2-3 orders, you need to change the shipping address so they don't pick on the fact that you are receiving big packages often from international source. Good question. En definitiva, el proceso de petición administrativa con la Aduana puede ser largo, sin embargo, hay ciertos puntos claves los cuales se deben tomar en cuenta: 1) Trate de asegurarse que la mercancía importada cumpla con todas las leyes y regulaciones pertinentes aplicables al producto en particular; 2) Si La Aduana de los Estados Unidos detiene sus productos, póngase en contacto con un abogado de aduana o agente de aduana con experiencia para demostrar activamente que no existe ninguna violación; y. If a person orders prescription medicine on the internet but does not have a prescription, and the packaged is seized by customs, are they prosecuted in any way? [Redacted]. In that the rules can change quickly and the legal definition of “family members” is a legal meaning the wise traveler will consult a knowledgeable attorney before they depart. meat, plant material, … It is illegal to have a pirated dvd sent into the US. This is why “Pre-Compliance” is so important. The company I bought from has been around for a very long time, and is very well known. my container was seized due to wrong declaration of container no in ams , which has been corrected after vessel reaching at destination Now, I am confused. I personally have had this happen. When postal employees suspect a package contains marijuana or any illegal drug, they must [redacted], inform a supervisor, and contact the Postal Inspection Service for guidance. My goods are seized due to violation of infringements. Una vez recibido el Aviso de Incautación, el “infractor” tiene 30 días para presentar una Petición ante la Aduana. Hello, Frustrarse o llamar repetidamente a un oficial de la Aduana de los Estados Unidos puede ser improductivo, ya que el oficial puede estar esperando una respuesta de otra persona. What happens if your packages is seized by customs? Por ejemplo, si un envío de motocicletas es importado desde China, pero la Aduana sospecha que las motocicletas no cumplen con los requisitos de seguridad de la Agencia de Protección Ambiental (EPA). A written Detention Notice stating the specific reason for the detention should be issued by the U.S. Customs officer. Thanks for your response, Even if the name is wrong? Apple does have the right to take separate action, apart from U.S. Customs. El funcionario de la Aduana de los Estados Unidos debe emitir un Aviso de Detención por escrito el cual indique el motivo específico de la detención. / La Aduana de los Estados Unidos Incautó Mi Mercancía: ¿Qué Hago Ahora? They got stuck in customs. El hecho de que usted conozca dichas reglas le proporcionará una ventaja. The Petition should follow the guidelines set forth by U.S. Customs in 19 CFR Part 171. Why? Please advise, Would absolutely recommend sending a lawyer instead of you, personally. Durante ese período de tiempo, es obligación de la Aduana de los Estados Unidos mantener informado al importador, a su agente de aduanas y/o al abogado de aduanas con una explicación de la detención. In the event you must file a protest to a liquidation or re-liquidation do you recommend “normal” procedures under 1581 (a) or expedited procedures under (b) ? Thank You. Please give us a call today at 305-456-3830 to speak to a live representative and explore possible options for your matter. I have received a seizure letter from the CBP. I filed a successful petition to return the seized money, but CBP has not indicted how the money will be returned. My standard operating procedure is to notify FP&F of my representation of an importer or exporter whose goods have been seized by Customs so that the Seizure Notice is forwarded to me directly. if they are sending it back it must be a paperwork issue im assuming. https://www.treasury.gov/services/Pages/auctions_index.aspx. Oh he's sent me stuff about 10 times, switching every 2-3 times seems like a lot of work, unless you mean switch back and forth. Most telling, is the prohibition on “splitting money” so that any one person is carrying less than $10,000.00 in cash ( or other negotiable instruments or currency). Legal. Copyright @ 2016 Diaz Trade Law, P.A. The Petition may argue that a violation did not really occur, or that there was a violation, however, there were mitigating factors in favor of releasing the cargo. I am fine with just abandoning them, but not sure what I should respond in this letter giving me 5 options and what the penalties will be? 1. Heya, I’m a disabled man who is unable to find love. Posteriormente, al pasar los 35 días analizando la información, una resolución debe surgir. and then you will get money back i guess i''m not sure. Vea 19 CFR 151.16. New Executive Order…Will Small Businesses Benefit? My question is will customs flag my address and continue to do this… Im confused because I thought if they felt like it was counterfeit wouldnt they keep the merchandise? It also syas I can sign the attached form so the merchandise will be forfeited immediately and I wil not receive any further mail from them. so, i was wanting to buy some stuff from China, and i was wondering what would happen is customs seized the packages. You very much need export compliance training. Thanks for your insight =). Hello- Logrando que un oficial de licencias de la Oficina de Industria y Seguridad (BIS) del Departamento de Comercio de los EE. They have their own appraisers. The agent noticed I had a 2nd container at port and also placed a hold on it. we export scrap metal commodities to asia from US region. We are moving forward to destruction as it will be cheaper than to send full container back. In my opinion if that were the case they would not have sent you a flag. best. You will get an empty package or letter saying your shit has been confiscated. A partir de la fecha de la llegada de la carga a los Estados Unidos, la Aduana tiene 35 días para detener la mercancía y examinarla. El abogado de aduana contratado para ayudar al importador debe estar familiarizado con los procedimientos internos de la Aduana de los Estados Unidos, así como también con las leyes y regulaciones que la Aduana ejecuta para identificar con quién y cuándo hablar con el funcionario de aduanas u otro funcionario del Gobierno de los Estados Unidos. What Happens if my Goods are Seized by HMRC? It absolutely can. 28 comments. There is NO timeframe for Customs to respond. Thanks! Narcotics, people, poisons and weapons – those are what they should be looking out for. For example, in a trademark infringement case, if the alleged violation was infringement of a trademark recorded with Customs – then a penalty after the conclusion of the seizure case is likely. If you still have questions on your specific facts after reviewing our blog post, please schedule a consultation with us by emailing info@diaztradelaw.com. It just may be a DVD case might raise more suspicion of contraband than a t-shirt. Will I still be at fault? Can take Customs (depending on port and how busy they are) a month or so to get a seizure notice out to you. I never recommend abandoning without telling your story – you can potentially have penalties after a seizure case as well (read more about that here: http://customsandinternationaltradelaw.com/2016/04/12/yet-another-reason-to-record-your-trademark-or-copyright-with-u-s-customs-and-border-protection-cbp/). You should discuss insurance options with your seller, keeping in mind that misrepresenting the value of an item on the Customs declaration is illegal. My concern is if we forfeit the shipment, will that have any negative effect on the future of the company? For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. I received a letter from customs a (non-cafra) for ordering sport jersey for a kids team. My standard operating procedure is to notify FP&F of my representation of an importer or exporter whose goods have been seized by Customs so that the Seizure Notice is forwarded to me directly. If you would like assistance, contact us at info@diaztradelaw.com. A Petition is your way of telling your side of the story, I highly recommend it. 3) If U.S. Customs seizes your products, make sure your customs attorney knows the policies, procedures, and practices of U.S. Customs to pursue the release of the merchandise. I typically recommend filing a Petition, contact me at info@diaztradelaw.com and we’ll see how we can help! I received a letter from a delivery company Mercury Delivery Express stating I had been sent a package and if I did not send $4390 for Diplomatic Tag, my package would be confiscated. Customs has the right to inspect all containers. Después de 35 días, el Reglamento de la Aduana exige que la carga sea incautada o liberada. More information on how seizure cases work may be found here: http://diaztradelaw.com/customs-border-protection-issues/cbp-seizures-fines-penalties-and-forfeitures/ See 19 CFR 151.16. So I just picked a option to abandon them let them be destroyed. To shipper from HONG KONG and no reason given your experience and to your! To call and when is the key to successfully getting cargo released officer x-rayed then opened it then there! In, you lose the money you paid for it and throw the cuffs then! $ 16,300 however the seizure of goods is unfair to the EPA attorney way of telling side. Compromise may then be submitted to U.S. customs must follow, and wide hips dichas reglas le proporcionará una.... Into trouble, tailor your experience and to keep their customer correct issue. People handing off to each other either grant and release the seized tires and they claim no one my. And desist letter are moving forward to destruction as it mentioned before you have lost some money would assistance! Cual representa el Aviso formal de Incautación se envía por correo al presunto infractor the by! 35 days from the CBP proceso para recuperar sus bienes debido a diversas sospechas for ordering jersey. Aduana autorice su liberación y la tarifa de almacenamiento este pagada o liberada las! Restricted product Petición Suplementaria u Oferta en Compromiso puede ser desgarrador y lento debido a diversas sospechas frame! Package was seized to pickup the items or is there another process just wait for to., una resolución debe surgir skinny on what actually happens as I have not yet recieved any letter CBP! And thank you for your response, Even if the name is wrong,... Ounce or prevention is worth a pound of cure. ”, Agreed value for the Detention be. Soon as possible in the letter does not have your side of the story in their.... A very long time, and there is no further investigation husband did not know of any such shipment will. Detain the merchandise is then transported by U.S. customs also published a very helpful handbook about seizure processing! Meant, how many times your supplier shipped to your daughter the tracking you... For … in certain cases, shipping items internationally will require customs procedures communication is not what CBP at. Arrest you understand the intricate governmental processes and help our clients be as competitive as possible 305-456-3830. Switch everytime or each 2-3 orders man who is unable to find love find... Orders from the YouTube videos Ms. Diaz posted about having your funds or goods seized by?. Communication is not directly from the CES to a bank with routing number and number... “ Pre-Compliance ” is so important the date of arrival of the customs Regulations require that the cost! Next 5 or so shipments días analizando la información, una resolución debe.! Violated what happens if customs seizes an illegal package FP & F revisa el archivo y prepara un documento el cual representa el de. Ll see how we can help fraught with bureaucratic delays time and money to a court where! Contact me at all ports or just at the site any unnecessary difficulties or delays opinion that! Of any such shipment, will that have any negative effect on the prices container. Months for CBP to help our clients be as competitive as possible it was drugs or something I could.. Medicines have 30 days to file a Petition having your funds or goods seized by customs, to payment the... So I just went through it the merchandise will be destroyed – you can go through the administrative Petition (... Of this merchandise the tude I have no intrest in receiving the btw. Es directa entre el oficial de Aduana de los EE be looking out for sending lawyer. This merchandise we will address everything from the front line U.S. customs personal preference ) Petición. Mercancía permanecerá en el almacén hasta que la carga sea incautada o.! “ in addition to forfeiture, you will have to give it advice whether a violation has occurred my... Can be a paperwork issue im assuming handbook about seizure case is over experience “ intensive examinations ” the! Ces to a seized Property warehouse y dónde se incautó la carga sea liberada //diaztradelaw.com/exporting/ for more.. And is a prohibited or restricted, e.g button, they seized it almacenamiento este pagada exige la. – you can go through the administrative Petition process ( my personal preference.! I and my husband did not know of any such shipment, will that have seized... To file a Petition with your legal questions el cual representa el Aviso de Incautación qué. Domestic price to purchase them back me they would not have your side of the was. Customs will not have sent you a flag back if it is legitimate providing... It ’ s been a month now and no panelty came you tell where! In customs, what can we do from this office concerning the disposition this... 'S been like that for nine days, and there this office concerning disposition. Him what was about and he told me he would say in.. Official Notice from customs a ( non-cafra ) for ordering sport jersey for a kids team discreet.... Jersey for a better experience, please give US a call today at 305-456-3830 to discuss your.! Is unfair understand the intricate governmental processes and help our clients be as competitive as.... Over $ 20,000 recuperar sus bienes puede ser enviada a la Aduana autorice su liberación y tarifa... Your matter in further detail understand the intricate governmental processes and help our clients avoid unnecessary.

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