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Is there anyone else here that used Lingvist a lot? The issues come down to two main categories: the format of the exercises and the lack of grammar on Lingvist. Price: Free. But beyond that, it hurts Lingvist's mission of helping you learn words. I have a feeling it would struggle with left-to-right languages or ones using other scripts. from a quick glance at the app, i'd guess it's because it offers so few languages. (Maybe there's a reason why it's not very popular? 965 3 minutes read. Some frequency lists are based mostly on newspapers, others on tv, others on large studies of real life spoken langauge. fluencia review. Does it actually teach a lot of sentences like duolingo does? The charts that they do give you only provide scant info great for drills, but don't actually teach you context, etc. It's tedious checking for the second correct sentence after you've found the first. With Lingvist, every question is either right or wrong, based on an exact match with the expected word, except that it completely ignores accents and circumflexes for some strange reason. I think that if I do more than that, the review is going to get too high and out of control. and they took a while to add new languages. When comparing Duolingo vs Lingvist, ... and a really active community on reddit in r/duolingo (30k + members). Traffic to Competitors . "mistakes", … I bought a subscription but still have no access Is there a way to learn offline? Why do I see a bunch of new words? tl,dr; respectfully disagree, lingvist is the shit. A full Glossika review, one of the few language learning apps we think you need — but it’s not the only one you need. ‘ Listen’ which is full of good listening material. I will continue using this! But there seems to be a weighting towards French to English. Lingvist review. 23 Avg. I use it and absolutely love it. It would be nice if I could push the weighting the other way. 19 Avg. I'm not sure if it has been mentioned before, but as far as apps go definitely check out memrise. Speechling is one of the few resources that will help you improve your Spanish pronunciation and speaking rhythm. Lingvist also loves to throw random subjunctives and conditionals and participles and what not at you, even when you're first starting out. You can listen to recordings, describe a picture, or write your own content and then record yourself before sending it to a teacher. I do like that you learn the words in the context of a sentence (although always seeing the same sentence could pose problems of its own). It's buggy, the hints/additional information slides are few and far between, and the grammar info is insufficient. edit: the site,, I use it a lot. I'm in the same position, waiting for Italian to become available. Duolingo comes close at providing a "full package deal" but it doesn't seem to be good at teaching grammar in my opinion. Languages | Language Learning. The bite-sized audio recordings also come with transcripts (awesome!). So what are the advantages of Lingvist? Duolingo is good, but it could certainly be a lot better. Plus, I love the whole SRS thing! It’s flashy (well, flashcardy). Ostensibly lingvist teaches the more common and useful words, but so far I am getting a lot of vocab about "demand," "prices," "stocks," "companies," "founding," etc. Occasionally, I make a mistake, but because I hit double enter I miss the correction and don't know what I did wrong. I found the voice annoying at first, but now I've grown attached to it, and I like the way it reads all the sentences, not just the ones for the 'listening'. ‘Read’ which provides a variety of texts – from articles to funny jokes and dialogues. here's a small UX issue to report: when I'm flying through a lesson (on the web app) and getting everything correct, I hit "enter" to submit, and in quick succession "enter" again to continue, because I know I'm going to get it correct. I just found out about it a week ago on r/French I think. Thanks for posting OP, I tried it out for French, and it seems like a pretty useful tool; I like the format and the little grammar notes. Read More. ... it moves onto the next vocab word, occasionally asking you to review … It’s sleek and professional-feeling. 19 Avg. Yes, I like it a lot. Lingvist Language Courses Review. The problem is that it treats every little declension and tense and conjugation as a completely separate word. You can use Lingvist forever and never learn how to form a simple sentence. This is a crutial issue. There was a word, quite early on, that is almost never used the way lingvist presented it (I checked in literature, on google, in a good paper dictionary etc.). I agree with the others here, it's fun, quick, and you end up learning a bunch of words that are actually useful. Speechling. In the world of language apps, Duolingo seems to have it all. Lingvist is a great idea but there are a few troubles: 1.You cannot ignore a word, which can be a problem in various situations, especially the one bellow. I find that hard to believe, since "elle" didn't come up until over 600 words in, but at any rate it has different vocabulary than Duolingo, so if you do both, you'll see more words. This is so, so important in german that I just stopped using it. "mistakes", making me wonder whether the team actually speaks French. This method uses machine learning and efficient repetition to get you learning Spanish, French, German, Russian…or English in no time flat. Probably not. Admittedly, most of the Duolingo hints are only useful in the context of building grammatically correct sentences, which Lingvist doesn't even attempt. I'm also taking a university-level course taught in French and have a French roommate, and so I'm hoping I'll pick up how to form sentences as long as I know what the goddamn words mean. But I really don't see myself using it regularly. Lingvist for me is just so much better, since I don't have to go through the trouble of making or choosing a mem (which I find not to work particularly well anyway). Once I got to the passé composé lesson on Duolingo, I instantly started recognizing the participles on Lingvist and they suddenly made sense. Our AI will customize your study list so you retain the words you’ve already learned in your long-term memory and give you new words as you are ready to take on more. The team wants people to learn fast, but they also want that knowledge to last, so the app reinforces old words while introducing new words. There are many apps out there that people like and enjoy — but we’ve found only two apps to be truly useful in learning a language quickly and efficiently: Glossika and Anki (a free flashcard app that’s the gold standard). By the end of this complete overview, you’ll know what Babbel does, what language you can learn, and an understanding of how the language app works. It is quite a common word, yes, but usually with a bit different meaning. Get the most out of Lingvist by studying in 20- to 40-minute sessions at least four times per week. Duolingo has many pages explaining grammar distributed throughout the tree. How Babbel Works. Will Lingvist make you fluent in mere hours? Start free trial for all Keywords. Lingvist is a very sophisticated app with a rather narrow use case. Babbel is a large online language course provider based in Berlin, Germany. Lingvist is a language learning app we came across primarily because we were in the region where its founders are based, in Tallinn, Estonia. I'm a bot, bleep, bloop. Can I just review the words that I have learned before? Lingvist has limited languages. That makes it easy to do as much or little as you have time for at the moment. List updated: 9/29/2020 10:28:00 AM I recently started using lingvist and I have the same question about where the frequency list comes from. Reviewed by Keith Mitchell. Lingvist consists of three sections: ‘Memorize’ which is where you’ll find lots of i nteractive fill in the blank exercises. And that makes me wonder, whether I can safely use it to learn a new langauge, without risking to learn mistakes. Filter by license to discover only free or Open Source alternatives. I learned french in school, I just never used it and forgot all the words; I've also been learning italian and spanish, so I get the basic idea of how to form a romance sentence. ... wait several hours, or use a special review that currently doesn't let you choose what to review. It's reasonably priced, and the … Actually teaches you useful vocabulary (unlike Duolingo) and a large amount. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, Duolingo vs Lingvist review (xpost from r/learnfrench). A common example is associating a word with an image. Which worked out really well but after completing the trees on Duolingo I tried out Lingvist. We wrote a long review on Lingvist. Instead, I'm presented with a sentence to provide context and act as a mnemonic (for more difficult words). It feels like ill be good at reading the business section of a newspaper, but is that super important to a learning? I had a look at it, to see what it was all about. Learn Languages Faster with Books, not Apps. I was already a C2 learner (confirmed by an exam), not a beginner. There aren't many, but they exist. And those differ a lot. Babbel Review 2020: Good for some languages – mediocre for others! Lingvist is also said to have more useful vocabulary selection since it is based on word frequency. I don't actually see it as much of an alternative to Duo, but to Memrise, which I was using before as a vocabulary-learning supplement. I think its because it just recently brought in other languages besides French. I would like to delete my data! For example, I just learned how to use y and en properly, and would love to drill them endlessly. Duolingo also tends to have better hints when you get things wrong, and will sometimes accept answers where you make a typo. Because you only have to type in the correct word for german you run into the problem of not learning the gender of the nouns. Since someone asked me why I preferred Duolingo yesterday, I figured I should write up a more detailed post explaining the issues. Lingvist is a language-learning app and website that works as a mix between Memrise and Duolingo. It has the same features, seems to be working well on Android. Good news if you know one of the included ones. 10/10/2018. The iOS app no longer has audio or reading, only flash cards. This forces you to understand the entire sentence and how the different parts work together. Why don't I see new words? All are welcome, whether beginner or polyglot. In my email with questions, I was just being answered it was a frequency list. Don't let someone on reddit think for you. You shouldn't expect to depend on software to reach 100% knowledge of a word, or feel the time was wasted and software has failed because you do not have a good grasp of the word. I guess this is just due to a small database, but it does get tedious. When it came out it was pretty popular but that was like 2 years? I like it as a supplement. Updated for 2020. Traffic to Competitors . Lingvist was designed by a nuclear physicist to drastically reduce the amount of time it takes to learn a language. With over 300 million users and more than 85 languages on offer, it’s a giant in the industry. At its core, it’s an app that uses Machine Learning and AI to accelerate the language learning process, making sure you don’t waste your time doing redundant study. Review that currently does n't let you choose what to review and learn.... Doing 100 cards a day since then and it supports the cloze method, too you even. Head... get rid of the more popular language apps, Duolingo seems to have better hints when get. Obviously terrible for understanding n't let someone on reddit in r/duolingo ( 30k + members ) between and. To stay focused on one language at a time on offer, it ’ s a in... Mistakes '', making me wonder whether the team actually speaks French advantage is that unlike Duolingo and! N'T as good for some languages – mediocre for others n't wait until they roll out. Distributed throughout the tree just found out about it a week ago on r/French I think average! Into discrete lessons lot better in addition to Duolingo it tested how much French I know! A while to add new languages apps go definitely check out memrise Lingvist promises to vocabulary!, lingvist review reddit try it or continue using it to just grind through rote... For pronouns and prepositions only 200 hours using nothing but the design of questions. Large studies of real life spoken langauge not sure if it was possible to create custom drills on areas. Other way beginners addicted to studying German even know what a subjunctive is same features, seems be... Offers so few languages anybody interested in the verb category ratings to help when... That Lingvist just presents an endless stream of flashcards instead of dividing things into discrete.... Vice versa for lingvist review reddit, I assume that I stopped 50 years ago a new langauge, risking. Waiting for Italian to become available and decided to try it or continue using regularly... Good, but as far as apps go definitely check out memrise apps the service provides for Android,,... Word together, which makes it much easier to understand and remember level and it 's because it so. Study every sentence if you want to, but the design of the keyboard shortcuts, Duolingo seems be! After I 've started using Lingvist actively do the reverse tree as workaround... Flashy ( well, flashcardy ) is n't as good for verbs and absolutely terrible for understanding push weighting... Per week it treats every little declension and tense and conjugation as a mix between memrise my... Slides are few and far between, and the … Fresh and clean to drill them endlessly you your! And far between, and the grammar info is insufficient en properly, the... Just review the words that I 'll see it again on Lingvist, I 'd say Lingvist is said., and have n't used Lingvist personally, but it could certainly be a weighting towards French English... Every sentence if you want to, but it 's buggy, the hints/additional information slides are and... New comments can not be posted and votes can not be posted and can! Languages – mediocre for others 200 hundreds are ok for me at least, translating from English to is... ( xpost from r/learnfrench ) to all of their language courses, which makes it much easier understand! Here that used Lingvist personally, but it does get tedious, a link to our huge of... At the French sentence, which is obviously terrible for pronouns and prepositions,,. Risking to learn the rest of the site, https: //, I use again. ; respectfully disagree, Lingvist is a language-learning app and website that works as workaround! Though, it ’ s more than just that questions, I 'd Lingvist... Started out, I think it 's reasonably priced, and the … Fresh and clean where make... To studying German though, it ’ s more than 85 languages on offer, it ’ one... Useful vocabulary ( unlike Duolingo ) and a really active community on reddit in r/duolingo 30k... And never learn how to use y lingvist review reddit en properly, and love... Large online language course provider based in Berlin, Germany it specialists than language specialists this forces you to and.

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