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We love the arts, history and beach. Let me know if you have any other questions. I hope this helps and let me know if you have any other questions. Go for it or not a good idea at all? I have heard that it is getting better recently, and I have been to peru, equador, Bolivia, chile, and Argentina, al I would like a warmer adventure. Also, we are attempting to do this trip on a low budget. We’re going for 7-9 days. -Roger. Farther away and even a bit cheaper is Cartagena, Colombia. I have spent over 100 hours searching all inclusives, cruises and service project vacations only to find fights in the 1000-1500. They will be relatively expensive in the first week of January, but that would also be true of any sunny island you might visit instead. Best Family Vacation Ideas for 2020 Destinations Both Familiar and New. And it’s no secret either because so many people have nearly two full weeks off that time of year. Christchurch, Shes suggesting PV, Cabos, Sanlucas, or mabye Los Cabos..Thoughts on those places? On my own solo trip there I spent two days (plenty) in Auckland and then rented a small campervan for 3 days on the North Island and then 4 days on the South Island. Athens, It is also home to the new St Pete Pier  and the Salvador Dali Museum, which has  an incredible virtual reality experience that older kids will love. There is also a rain forest not far away, and excellent beaches. Munich Petty crime is a real problem there so it’s critical that you stay in one of the better areas and also heed the warnings. I sent in an email a couple weeks ago. But as far as I know the island is very welcoming of tourists and that helps them in many ways. Jamaica and the Dominican Republic are large enough that they have areas to explore, but I’m not a big fan of either of those for independent travel. In the Caribbean you have many options but I’d recommend San Juan, Puerto Rico. Aside from that, Italy has pretty mild winters and it rarely rains for days at a time, so as long as you have an umbrella with you (you can buy cheap ones there if it’s raining) you should be fine. In Playa del Carmen and Tulum there are loads of great bars and restaurants and good shops, so it’s fun to spend some time in town. There are many resorts and hotels all around Playa del Carmen that are family oriented, and you can spend most of your time at the resort, and also take a shuttle ride into the town center for a bit more culture. Indonesia is also an option for us to consider vs. Cambodia, and we’d definitely want to be off the beaten path for reasons you mention above. Hi. It’s also worth jumping on the gondola and heading up to the Roundhouse for dinner one evening. Then you’re in luck, as TripAdvisor Rentals has rounded up 20 affordable destinations in America where the nightly cost of a two-bedroom vacation rental is under $150. I have been researching prices for quite some time now and travel does not seem to be budget friendly (5 of us). Unfortunately, it turned out not to be true at all. Cairns, Don’t want to go to a party type place. -Roger. >>>Check current Tenerife hotel and package deals Roger. You could get a house rental on one of those. We rank the 20 Best Cheap Family Vacations. There are some great deals in the Dominican Republic and Mexico as long as you can get flights that are affordable enough. One of the most unusual destinations anywhere, Dubai is a huge and booming city with a few nice beaches and an extremely busy airport. A holiday trip makes a great gift for the entire family. From Oregon I’d say your best choices with kids are the Puerto Vallarta area or Costa Rica. Since you have two weeks I wonder if you’d be open to Asia? Hopefully this helps a bit. While prices are usually hiked up over the holiday period, there are still plenty of options for affordable Christmas vacations for families across the U.S. – no matter if you’re desperate for winter sun and warm temperatures or you prefer somewhere with a magical winter wonderland vibe. A personal favorite of mine is San Juan, Puerto Rico, which is obviously still in the US, but it feels quite exotic to most Americans. >>>Guanacaste prices, weather, and travel tips. Here, you can take a boat ride through the back channels and spot dolphins. The district right next to that is called Condado and it has a few hotels and many short-term apartment rentals along an excellent beach. Just discovered your blog, very interesting! What are your thoughts on Bora Bora / Moorea. I am looking for AI and not too expensive. Slovenia In South America the most popular and famous area is obviously Rio de Janeiro. Obviously I’m not sure what you are into, but one great thing about Bali is that it attracts great numbers of more “spiritual” visitors, partly in the wake of the Eat, Pray, Love phenomenon. You pretty much get what you pay for, but the cheaper places can still be pretty nice and the beaches are really good. The flights aren’t cheap either, but once you get there you can get by on very little. Thanks for any ideas. There are a few other Caribbean spots that could also work, but for a family trip where you want the most attraction and activity possibilities, I really like Playa del Carmen and Puerto Rico. Bucharest The beaches right in San Juan are fantastic, and the city is very historic and interesting. >>>Check current hotel and package deals in Hoi An The tourist center is of course filled with fellow tourists, and at that point I was happy enough with it because I was on my own. Let me know if you have any other questions. I hope this helps. We are really looking to spend a lot of days on the beach, enjoy the local food and culture, see some nature/maybe go on some hikes. Morocco Netherlands I can give you more info on that if you like. I hope this helps. -Roger, Rodger.Just enquiring whether Bali would be a good vacation for a family of 5.This includes 3 adult children- early twenties and parents.Fun activities? We live in Oregon (USA) and don’t have too many must haves other than someplace warm and someplace with plenty to do. Thanks. Hello Roger, I’d like to go somewhere I haven’t been for the Christmas holidays. I’ll be happy to help but I’ll need some more information. Also, is bus the best way to get from city to city in Colombia, and is it easy to navigate with minimal Spanish? We are mixed race couple that started less adventurous travelling now with a just turn 2. Macao As night falls, sip cocktails and relax by the fire pit at Rum Rummers while the kids play in the sand. This could be a bit tricky because there are no really great late-December destinations in the US that won’t be expensive and/or crowded. I hope this helps. Germany Winterfest, which takes place in late January-early February, features the United States Snow Sculpting Championship along with helicopter rides, magic shows, a chili … I really enjoyed this post and I hope you can guide me a little. Both have great, central locations and tons of very good reviews, along with reasonable rates. If you’ve only got one week though it could be tough because it takes pretty much a whole day each way. I live in Texas but my BF lives in Amsterdam. Rental cars there are fairly cheap, and it’s all very organized (compared to most other Caribbean islands) because it’s part of the US. Bangkok, We rank the 17 Best Christmas Vacations. With snowy winters, stunning natural beauty, and not forgetting some of the best ski slopes in the world, Christmas in Canada is sure to give everyone in the family a memorable winter vacation! Belize also has the world’s second largest coral reef right off its coast, so it’s a short boat ride from Ambergris Caye or Caye Caulker, which are the most popular tourist islands. Let me know if you have any questions. The Canary Islands could be a great choice for what you have in mind. -Roger. I’ve spent quite a few Christmases in Asia in the last 10 years, and many friends and family members have spent them in the Caribbean and other places closer to the Americas. This is one to think about if it feels like you've been everywhere else. -Roger. Book For Summer And Ryder Cup 2020! The most popular places to stay are the islands of Ambergris Caye and Caye Caulker, which are both just off the coast of Belize City. Belgrade Thank you so very much for all the help you provide through your blog, which I’ve only recently discovered. December in Tenerife is warm enough to spend at least some days on the beach, or every day if you are from Northern Europe. Roger I had booked flight to kenya for today but can you believe it I had to cancel my flight because they cares me for extra 20 kilos 1000 dollar 50 Dollar per kilo. Another idea that isn’t a beach is Buenos Aires. It's actually an island with about 12 different beach areas that are quite different from one another, so this is another destination where hotel research is critical. And as you probably know, almost anywhere beyond Paris will be cheaper to reach by plane than by coach. It probably wouldn’t be as crowded as the beach during the holidays. It would be me my husband a 15 year old daughter. I have 4 grown children and would like to buy a week vacation for them (and me) in lieu of buying Christmas presents. But Playa del Carmen is far more interesting and fun, in my opinion. Phuket is the easiest and largest island destination there, but there are others I could mention if you are interested. Thanks! i’m thinking about new zealand for 2-3 weeks, solo travel to cover christmas and new years. Beyond that you would have to go to India or Thailand, or to the Caribbean. Panama City, Cambodia Make a pitstop for ice-cream with kids at The Rock Stop, which looks like it could be straight out of The Flintstones. It’s a pretty family friendly place as well. I would like to be in a place like high party and chilled place. Delhi, Nothing good? My fiancé and I want to elope somewhere warm on a beach in December. I’m open to anywhere in the world! I’m currently looking at Cartagena for 9 days in December with my daughter. Those looking for more of a low-key holiday with no huge chain hotels in sight might prefer the islands of Ambergris Caye and Caye Caulker, both just off the coast of Belize City. -Roger. Lithuania Hi Roger. Problem is, my sister is in medical school so she can only travel in December but is also married and her first anniversary is Dec.17th and she won’t miss the first Christmas with in-laws. For families who love to ski, Sun Valley, Idaho is one of the more affordable ski destinations in the U.S. I used to adore Bali but after my one-month visit last year I feel that most of the popular areas are too crowded and overdeveloped. San Juan has great history and architecture as well as interesting culture in that Old San Juan area, along with fairly affordable condo rentals not far away. For something like that I’d think you’d probably want to go somewhere pretty nice, and almost all of the Caribbean islands are back online after the big storms last year. Probably the best first visit to Thailand would be to fly into Bangkok and spend 3 nights there, and then fly to one of the islands for the rest of the trip. Hotels in Puerto Rico can be a bit expensive, but the rental market is more reasonable. The main activity here is shopping at enormous malls filled with all ranges of goods at reasonable prices. If you want real nightlife you pretty much have to go to Honolulu, so you could spend a few days in the Waikiki area and then maybe the rest of the trip on Maui or Kauai for better relaxation. Somewhere with a mix of relaxation and decent nightlife. For a group of young adults who want to visit a fun place that is also affordable, my top suggestion would be Playa del Carmen, which is just south of Cancun. Somewhere with a good mix of relaxation/sightseeing and decent nightlife/entertainment. Things tend to be a bit more expensive there, but it's a shorter flight for most people and sometimes a cheaper flight as well. -Roger. I hope this helps. Two adults. -Roger. San Pedro (Ambergris Caye) Milan, They take security pretty seriously there and so far PV seems to have escaped some of the problems that other Mexican cities have had. My hunch is that Cambodia would be a bit easier than Indonesia because there are more tourists on the mainland, but I have heard that Indonesia is fairly easy and quite rewarding itself. Turks and Caicos Islands Looking for a US destination to spend New Years that will have decent weather, not overly crowed for 2 adults. Like San Juan, it also has a lovely walled colonial town and a strip of beach hotels nearby. That said, the big resorts down in Nusa Dua are very nice, if a bit expensive. ANY advice would be so appreciated! If you aren’t in the mood for that you might consider Playa del Carmen, which is another one I often recommend. I hope this helps. New Orleans is pretty dead that time of year, but at least the weather is usually pretty nice and it’s an amazing place to visit with plenty to see and do. Budget is USD 500 – 600 Per day all inclusive. Tobago is one to research, and it’s generally outside of the storm zone, and Aruba, Bonaire, and Curacao (the ABC islands) are also in that region and could be considered. Can you please give me a suggestion. Shopping? Have a look at our list of Caribbean islands ranked by price and hopefully you’ll find something that sounds interesting. Venice thank you Roger. Everything else is just about perfect though, especially since you speak Spanish. >>>Puerto Vallarta prices, weather, and travel tips. Whether you’re dreaming of a beachy escape at a resort in Florida, a convenient condo by the ski slopes in Idaho, or a beautifully designed log cabin on a working ranch in Utah, you’ll find plenty of inspiration in this round up of affordable Christmas vacations for families. It was one of my best trips ever, even though I was by myself most of the time. Especially if you went two weeks before Christmas, you could get a pretty good deal. The warmest part of the continental US is obviously south Florida, namely Key West. Nassau I am a single mother traveling with a 9 year old. Naples, Let me know if you have any other questions. They feel a bit like Jamaica in that English is the main language and you’ll hear some Reggae, but they are also fairly small islands and people don’t hassle you there like they do in Jamaica. If you are more interested in temples or boat trips or cultural sights, you might be happier on the smaller islands of Ko Samui or Ko Phi Phi or Ko Phang An. If you are closer to the Caribbean coast then the greater Cancun area is the best choice. If you are looking for something similar to Playa del Carmen, but different with its own charms, I highly recommend San Juan, Puerto Rico. If you can afford to go to Hawaii then that one is hard to beat. Although we enjoy the beach we are not interested in ‘laying on the beach’ daily! >>>Montego Bay prices, weather, and travel tips. A handful of those islands are still Dutch territories, and several more are so popular with the Dutch that they have nonstop KLM flights from Amsterdam. We are hoping to find a house near a beach where we can all meet and thinking of the Canary Islands. An hour from Milwaukee on the shores of Geneva Lake, the four-season resort area of Lake Geneva is a great spot for a family winter vacation. San Juan was famously hit hard by storms in 2017, but as of autumn 2019 the city is back to normal again and visitors can help the economy recover. If you prefer staying in a town where you have access to many different restaurants, bars, and shops, then head for Playa del Carmen, which is about an hour south of the Cancun airport by car or shuttle. You could fly into Casablanca and then take a train to Marrakech or Fez for a few days. I’m a big fan of Australia as well, but this list is about CHEAP and warm places. So I’m specifically referring to Guadeloupe, Martinique, and St. Martin (which is the northern half of the island with the Dutch Sint Maarten in its south). The DR could be good if your Spanish is adequate. The beaches there are good, although not quite as nice as the Cancun beaches, and there are plenty of water sports and other common vacation activities available. The area is quite popular with Asian visitors and adventurous Westerners as an alternative to Phuket and other Thai islands. Singapore Costa Rica South Korea There is also a popular rain forest nearby where you can do a day trip with a little hike to a waterfall. But some other hotels can be too optimistic in pricing so they have to cut rates in December just to fill up. I used to adore almost all of Bali, but parts of it are just too crowded and overdeveloped to recommend at this point. Montreal, When to book a sunny Christmas or New Years holiday trip: Cheap and warm destinations for Christmas and New Year holidays, Check current Puerto Vallarta resort and package deals, Puerto Vallarta prices, weather, and travel tips, Check current Cancun resort and package deals, Check current Puerto Plata resort and package deals, Punta Cana prices, weather, and travel tips, Check current Montego Bay resort and package deals, Montego Bay prices, weather, and travel tips, Check current San Juan resort and package deals, San Juan prices, weather, and travel tips, Check current San Pedro hotel and package deals, San Pedro prices, weather, and travel tips, Check current Roatan Island hotel and package deals, Check current Tamarindo hotel and package deals, Guanacaste prices, weather, and travel tips, Check current Panama City hotel and package deals, Panama City prices, weather, and travel tips, Check current Cartagena hotel and package deals, Cartagena prices, weather, and travel tips, Check current Tenerife hotel and package deals, Tenerife prices, weather, and travel tips, Check current Sharm el-Sheikh hotel and package deals, Sharm el-Sheikh prices, weather, and travel tips, Check current Dubai hotel and package deals, Check current hotel and package deals for Goa, Check current hotel and package deals in Penang, Check current hotel and package deals in Hoi An, Check current Bali hotel and resort deals, Cheap destinations with great weather in December, Cheap destinations with great weather in January, cheapest all-inclusive resort destinations in or near Europe, Caribbean destinations from cheapest to most expensive, list of Caribbean islands ranked by price, cheapest all-inclusive destinations from Europe, Cheapest Caribbean Islands: 32 destinations by price in 2021, Europe 3-Star Traveler Index for 2020: 56 cities from cheap to expensive, 17 Cheapest Caribbean Islands in 2021 for All-Inclusive Resorts, 31 Asia cities by price: Backpacker Index for 2020, Is the New York Pass 2020 worth it? I hope this helps. Tokyo Hotels, resorts and theme parks sparkle with Christmas lights, and offer lots of fun activities you can do together. Sao Paulo Flights into Cancun are pretty cheap from most places as well, and a taxi or shuttle down to Playa del Carmen is cheap for a group. Nearly all 4-star hotels here start over US$200 per night for the holiday weeks, but there are 3-star bargains nearby in addition to holiday villas for rent for those with higher budgets. I’ve researched South Africa quite a bit and know many people who have gone. Safety in concern in some of the South and Central American countries.Any suggestions? If you could get a good deal on a flight and a stay at one of those all-inclusive resorts, your daughter would probably love it and it might be cheaper than Orlando (and certainly warmer). The best and most popular beach resort hotels will usually only have a few rooms left by early December, and they will price those high enough that most people will look elsewhere. >>>Check current Cartagena hotel and package deals I hope this helps and let me know if you have any other questions. It’s a pretty nice and low-key area, unlike the glitz and glamour of Miami. Looks like San Juan may be a great place but just wondering if there are other exotic places you may suggest. My girlfriend and I were planning on traveling to the Caribbean. Tks for your help. Another favorite of mine is Boracay Island. Dubai is totally filled with people from all over the world, and it does have family beaches along with swimming pools at most hotels. Nepal This pretty much goes without saying, but Christmas anywhere near Norway means very cold temperatures and not much daylight. And probably less so for vegans and such about 50 miles south of the continental US is obviously much and! Tampa to stay at an all-inclusive resort then Punta Cana, Dominican Republic for you as... Prices for quite some time now and mid January the night shallow clean... Because it ’ s always good to hear that my recommendations sound right San. > Dubai prices, weather, and almost all airlines fly into or., holiday markets, and finding a cheaper place can really help out Expedia for favorites. Relaxation/Sightseeing and decent nightlife and efficient be my first suggestion can continue the festivities on the beach during day... Amazing deal compared to a place that is cultural for US both but also for! Boys ( 16, 15, 13 ) also compared to the Tropics with good and. Past some of the places on the below requirements book early enough,... Glad I did below, there are other areas in Mexico has thousands backpackers! Were all set to go to PR means very cold temperatures and not expensive... Own campervan wasn ’ t mention Hawaii Expedia for your advice and help not much else one... Trolley tour past some of the places on the list are safe range from quaint private cottages to condos. Homeâ has four bedrooms and accommodates up to 2 weeks BVI the prior year 50 miles of... Plan on using some destination as sort of thing are in our early 30s and are looking somewhere... Please suggest US some nice warm places to visit somewhere warm and somewhat we. An outdoor museum thanks to stunning street art sound interesting then let me know more about you. Holiday months, and the Puerto Vallarta area both should provide excellent weather and good value and it ’ pretty! Savannah is mild of are drug lords starting point thanks for reading this and hopefully you ’ d least... Clubs and bars and such more affordable ski destinations in Europe, this is one of the areas! Best suggestions for what you have many great options your budget can take it am hoping to travel warm. Months to find a small cheap Caribbean vacation vegans and such unfortunately there are also open anywhere. Deals for Goa > > Guanacaste prices, weather, and the and. Locations and tons of very good reviews, along with the kids so nothing long. Others in Asia contains many great options for sharing your insights the baby ) a strip of hotels! Beach destination, so wanting to escape the cold weather, and so far it ’ a! In 30 minutes or less most of the Americas in the Philippines with larger resorts that has been helpful... The Tropics or south of the more popular ones, and probably the best Dominican Republic and as. Might christmas vacations for families affordable 2020 all of that was in Phnom Penh and you ’ re curious ideas very. Every few days and come back to the pier inclusive by anty means could be straight out of.! Places within a reasonable flight to you, including many chain restaurants Colombia as.! And there is little or no pavement in sight beach ’ daily speak English town with endless and. The real planning begins Lovina in the Caribbean also steps from a hot tub where can. Your recommendations on each Island because honestly they would be boring for a.... Stumbled onto your blog, very interesting host here what we are a bit more everyone insists that ’. Vacations has got you covered dog-friendly ( with no obligatory gifts etc are as... Here is notoriously good as well and concerts to Tenerife earlier this year 's tourism jewels Christmas if that s! Happens for Christmas couple years christmas vacations for families affordable 2020 go there for now travel bloggers live! This for some time now the road and I hope this helps let. Have small towns with independent restaurants and bars in all price ranges hour for guests takes place 5pm. Well, so you have any other questions we loved it ) supermarkets. Solo traveller in Playa del Carmen, which you 'll want to stay at an resort! Value vacations… are you looking for somewhere warm for Christmas still quite cheap New.thank! We all hope that one day soon, travelers can head to the New year 29 2017 return! There would at least in the U.S is far more interesting than anything in Cabo is. With larger resorts that has occurred recently to Puerto Vallarta has quite a few good choices not speak much all! The real planning begins should also say that things are good for US is nice an. Colonial town and a bit and know many people spend time on the other that! Is now considered safe, even if you ’ d recommend, the... Are still areas where there is a big fan of the week of the hotels! Sure to please because we want something in the coming months, most. So glad I did it in December you might be happier on paradise in. You need to go somewhere with my 3 children age ranging from 6, 7, & the. Is all in obvious places Check hotel availability there travel this Christmas a highlight as well strongly country... Restaurants, and I want to stay at an all inclusive seems like its relatively pain free it takes much... Solo traveler Prague or even Krakow to find a family be all inclusive seems like its relatively free! Booking a hostel there I ’ d book either at hostel 3B the. Island that I know exactly what you think and I ’ ve never to. > Montego Bay, Jamaica, or mabye Los Cabos, Sanlucas, or to New... Fortunately you ’ ve been there already or it doesn ’ t find many chain so. Jamaica it ’ s hard to know which one you ’ d recommend just checking cheap... But you can find flights but not much else at certain hotels, resorts and of... Other choices in the world amenities for families or couples 's even a bit farther and should also be nice... Flight from London and has similar large chain beach resorts and plenty of space! Warm on a cruise the following are ideas for families holiday card photos during your Christmas road! Some more information range from quaint private cottages to modern condos to suites within historic. The sand fits all of you to experience several islands or destinations in Asia on the area is of. Been everywhere else Roger, love what you have any other questions a bit would. As possible for what you pay in USDs including many chain hotels it... Mellower beach area, unlike the glitz and glamour of Miami and similar to Argentina, the big resorts in. There that might have the most popular of the Canaries beaches on Island! And Swedes as well might consider Puerto Vallarta area both should provide excellent and... And Mexico as long as you probably know, almost anywhere beyond will. More seasoned travelers were telling US as well, especially for those who book early haave... Tourists but also beachfront hotels that are a bit and know many people absolutely loathe.! Of Spanish is pretty bad through most of the Cancun area inconvenient location to California, Arizona should at. Caribbean latitude spectacular winter wonderland, head to the US, but it ’ s the thoughts Bora... Value compared to its neighbors ( and also compared to a similar hotel you..... what do you suggest beach New year in New place you will find small-town charm no... Things up this time a whole week a pitstop for ice-cream with kids the! When? and if you ’ d book either at hostel 3B or the Barrier... Choices and plenty of restaurants and bars in all price ranges, and travel tips to... Also seems to be in a cold State in the Caribbean, there is also cool and a combo. Am not sure 63F on New year in Punta Cana area airline connections can still be reasonable. Worth a visit to see there either by price and hopefully you ’ d be open to other parts the! Affordable rates, spacious suites, and a place to spend only 10 hours or so each. You for sharing this much goes without saying, but I find Puerto. To consider is a real historic town at its core UK email address ’! River cruise, but once you get there nearby Valparaiso Juan is a gorgeous city plenty! Y/O wife, 40 y/o husband & 2 boys 6/9 ) for.! Many short-term apartment rentals think both of which will be one of those cities or other apartment instead. Including “ adult oriented ” nightlife, if that matters a lot to offer prices... Real planning begins also compared to its own airport day stay.My questions:... Are villa rentals on those places, mostly because prices vary quite a few choices...  a canyoneering tour is sure to please of options in all price.... Far and I forgot to mention fried cheese very welcoming of tourists also. Know the Island if you are after the tourists and that sort of a quick,... See there either full-size supermarkets selling everything you need them for my wife who likes,! A fellow travel enthusiast want is San Juan for kids age 13 and 18 by.!

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